4 12 2006

this reminds me of some people i crazylove

y’all know who you are.




5 responses

4 12 2006

I like it!

4 12 2006
4 12 2006

oh look! a chicken!
i always suspected ducks were evil geniuses with a.d.d–its the only thing that could explain that look in their eyes…

4 12 2006

Re: oh look! a chicken!
now, see here!
there is NO call for you to go beating me to your punchline like that–i’d have moved faster if you’d ever been logged in in LIKE A MILLION YEARS & i knew the clock was running!
i’m not quite convinced about the ducks, though. i’ll grant you that they look sinister as hell, but my read’s always been that they’re plotting the takeover from the four-foots, who they likely think are in charge anyway, given how they lead us around & drag us down to the water all the time…
us, we’re just walking trees. POPCORN trees!

4 12 2006

haha–thats awesome 🙂

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