study hall

6 12 2006

that would be nell & _aurelius on my floor, giggling and dipping chocolate-chip cookies in whiskey. you know. to stimulate brain cells. (via gmail via ccangels‘s camera-phone, no more than a half hour ago) believe it or not, we’re actually getting an awful lot of work done, all warm mugs & sock-feet & books & clipboards & laptops & christmas music. this is actually sort of spectacular. have i mentioned lately that sometimes grad school is awesome?




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7 12 2006

Thanks, T — this totally makes me smile. I too have been noticing the awesomeness of grad school lately: I love that I can leave my program running while I go learn the Hustle and come back to cool results and Magnetic Fields and homemade creme de cacao mint Ghiradelli dark chocolate chip ice cream and then write up my results into the wee hours.
p.s. You’re invited to my study hall if I can come to yours!

7 12 2006

you are *so* invited. got any more weddings out around my chilly little town? you’re bringing the ice-cream, though. πŸ™‚
but, DAMN. wish i could leave *my* work alone & it would write itself!!!!!

8 12 2006

Damn! And to think that I’ve been wasting so much time dunking my cookies in milk! I feel like such a fool. And that’s why I like ya, tyratae…you’re always teaching me new ways to look at the world! πŸ˜‰

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