recipe for making things a little better

12 12 2006

1. go fetch your roommate from the coffee shop just b/c she doesn’t feel like walking
2. answer unexpected phone call from a friend far-far away & chat while doing laps outside the starbucks (breaking the law, breaking the law!)
3. parcel out the last of the candy-cane cookies (the ones not consumed and/or involved in cleavage photography at saturday’s party or sent south with jason), some for your roommate to keep & the rest to be shared with claire, who missed all the parties.
4. put on that coat you kinda-stole & the scarf vanessa bought you, & stroll merrily past the sparkly lights on westcott street to go surprise claire with cookies
5. have a cuppa and some cookies with claire, & tell her a secret, & giggle about it
6. come home singing that killers song ironically, listen to a little ani, send a friend three different cute notes on myspace, & then go set up in the living room to study-buddy with your roommate & one of her classmates–a feat of fantasticality, since this afternoon’s advisor-meeting has resulted in things! to do!–leaving the kettle on because penguin tea makes everything better
7. light a couple of candles & put them in the fscking fireplace. good enough.




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13 12 2006

I guess things don’t get better for me.
1. I don’t have a roommate to pick up from the coffee shop.
2. My friends never call me.
3. I don’t have any cookies.
4. Vanessa didn’t buy me a scarf.
5. I don’t drink cuppas.
6. I don’t do MySpace and I don’t have any study-buddies.
7. No fireplace.
On the other hand, I do have a bottle of La Fin du Monde.

13 12 2006

bah. there are multiple recipes for anything, and for any one a hundred substitutions. ask the interwub! (or that cookbook of lynette’s…)
yours sounds like a perfectly valid (& by your standards tasty) path to improvement. πŸ™‚

13 12 2006

I’ll let you in on my deepest secret: When I need an instant dose of happiness, I go to Cute Overload. If the tiny puppies and kitties do not cheer you up, you may have to switch to alcohol, but I find that one or the other of these always works.

13 12 2006

omg puppy in the motorcycle helmet!!! yoghurt kitteh! EEEEE
yeah… i should try to remember that one more often. i always think “oh, gawd, i’m too stern & grumpy for any cute overload nonsense people’s stupid puppy tricks whatever,” but then if i go, i keep scrolling, and OMGWTFBBQ THE SQUEE.

13 12 2006

Re: πŸ˜€
Yeah, I remember the first time I went to the website, I was muttering, “Stupid animal pictures, I am not five years old, who would even — ohmigod hamster eating a potato chip! Kitties making faces! Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!”

13 12 2006

Re: πŸ˜€
the is also good for this sort of thing.

13 12 2006

yeah! i helped make the tyra happier – i win!

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