bipolar tyra report

13 12 2006

the word “bipolar” always makes me think of polar bears. & how they could carry machines in lyra’s story. or, i’m sure, pull sleds. you could have a mono- or a bipolar bear sled! i probably couldn’t afford to feed two, but i bet having them around to lean on could cut down significantly on my heating bills.

that thing i was cross about? i’m less cross now. for no particular reason (but there wasn’t a good one for being cross to begin with), just because more communicating makes things feel less weird & less crossness-evocative.

and it’s blacksburg weather out–it’s actually kinda england weather out, bright sunny and dark cloudy and windy & sparkly & puddlicious & mild enough to crack the door & let the beams & breezes in, & oh bummer i missed the postman & had to walk a letter to the box down the street!

i have gotten much cleaning done today, and some detail-taking-care-of re: academic stuff (because i actually have stuff! to do!), and some food into the cat, and people are coming to see me & the kettle’s on & pictsy‘s awesome christmas CD is ringing deep bells & shooting through them with a couple violins, & i might get to make more cookies later, so it’s a joy-to-the-world kind of early-afternoon.

haven’t really gotten a chance to get into the porn, though, & i’m not taking that as reading material to the vet’s this afternoon!!




4 responses

13 12 2006

The queen in The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe has a polar bear-powered sleigh. She’s hawt! Not General Kala or Ursa-hawt, but hawt all the same.
In my Adventure! RPG back in the Midwest, the characters got to fight some polar bears with robot heads stolen from based on Ro-Man from Robot Monster.

14 12 2006

pipolar bears are sexually ambiguous beasts, lyra aside.
i miust have missed your post on pr0n, but the bears have it.

14 12 2006

I don’t know about polar bear porn, but pandas need porn to get things going.

15 12 2006


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