get this stuck in your head, why dontcha

14 12 2006
On the twelfth day of Christmas, tyratae sent to me…

Twelve trees meaning
Eleven wings teaching
Ten boots a-thinking
Nine bagpipes hiking
Eight movies a-creating
Seven strangers a-writing
Six hats a-dreaming
Five mo-o-o-oxy fruvous
Four tire swings
Three kodak moments
Two pine needles
…and an art in a fantasy.

Get your own Twelve Days:

i don’t really get this… not sure what wings are supposed to teach us (but i’m sure there’s plenty), don’t know what trees mean (i’d say they’re pretty damn good at the zen art of being, really), & i certainly don’t know what “an art in a fantasy” means, but robin armin should always hike my bagpipes (& spoonboy514 called me robin!), i’m all about some boots thinking about making stomp-art out of someboady’s face once in a while, & “five mo-o-o-o-oxy fruvous” cracks me up. merry random lj memes, everybody (& thx, 2eclipse!)




4 responses

15 12 2006

Art in a fantasy sounds like a classic painting making its way into a sexy dream?

15 12 2006

I like the idea of bagpipes hiking too!

15 12 2006

i’m such a fan.
but i am still chortling over my five ma-a-a-king faces!

15 12 2006

“five mo-o-o-o-oxy fruvous” is sooooooo perfect

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