how to handle finals week

16 12 2006

now, i don’t actually have any finals, so this was more of an observational lesson for me, but it certainly seemed to work wonders for its final-paper-plagued participants.

“movie night,” with blowgun

you want to check out the pictures, because this is how i was terrorized last night, and then i had to bring that killer-fierce alabama girl home & sleep in the same house as her, hoping she hadn’t smuggled the blowgun home in her sweater. & that elder god (last pic)? the shot you see of his thoroughly pincushioned nature happened before spoonboy514 hit his groove and gouged two of the unholy creature’s three plastic eyes out. the straight shot through the wing pinning it to itself, though? that’s pure diva power.

the film really was awesome. there was much laughing, and much astonishment at how professionally put-together the whole thing looked and felt and sounded, & spoonboy514 does make a fabulous schoolyard bully in a skirt head of the local scottish mafia.

all in all, there was much joviality, & the passing around of some fabulous crater lake pictures (& i ♥ that middle-of-nowhere “the truth is in here” roswell-smart-ass hideout!) & noone actually got a dart to the flesh, so perhaps the small sparks of fear involved in watching robotapocalypse come around the corner with sleek black guns were a little bit misplaced, or at least a little hasty. but it did sound like a redneck joke when the setting up of an appropriate target started with the words “here, hold my beer.”




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