cats in ur stuff doing things

20 12 2006

most everybody (i think) by now has seen the cats in ur stuff doing things, right? because somebody–or several somebodies–uses the “im in ur fridge stealin ur foodz” one as an icon, & they’ve kinda been passed around (the set i’ve seen most often is here: cats in ur stuff doing things–i still can’t decide whether “snipin ur elves” or “steelin ur gurlfriend” is my favorite, & i totally don’t get the shark thing, although at least it creates the room within the genre to allow variations on the theme that don’t include cats at all, such as jessica_dwg‘s terrific ursula & eric icon…)

BUT! the points are these. (1) searching the web last night with cheshirrrecat & the giggles, i decided that this one was totally my favorite cats-doing-things thing on the web:


and (2) (i might’ve been playing w/the image software this morning a little maybe) this one goes out to the one i love:





9 responses

20 12 2006

The first one is really cute:) I didn’t know cats could wear boots! Then again, I didn’t know my heart was so muddy.

20 12 2006

thanks, baby.
Love you.

20 12 2006

like all the sappy songs in *all* the grocery stores, all for you.

20 12 2006

I’m in ur ‘puter, readin ur post 🙂

20 12 2006

see, this pattern, it’s not getting old for me! it’s just still funny!

20 12 2006

This icon after the November election was superb:

20 12 2006

lol–love it!!!

20 12 2006

I’m rather fond of this set
It reminds me of Donna’s mother’s place. 😉

20 12 2006

Also try
They’re not all “I’m in ur [place] [verbing] ur [noun],” but quite a few are. I don’t know why cats + netspeak is so damn funny, but it really is.

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