dear 2006,

28 12 2006

you know i almost always speak nicely of you, pollyanna with her rainbow-bunny-shit & all of that, but i don’t want you to have gotten entirely the wrong idea. i mean, you’ve contributed a lot of really fantastical things to my self-centered me-iverse, & probably a lot of flares of bright progressive goodness to the world, but there’s been a lot of garbage too, and a lot of bullshit. way, way, way too much bullshit. so i’m going to say this kindly, because i mean it kindly, but i also really really mean it.

(& can i get an “amen”?)

please go away.




9 responses

28 12 2006

So be it!

28 12 2006

you get an amen…
…also a hallelujah!
and a preach it, sister !

28 12 2006

I am so completely ready to be done with 2006. See you on the other side.

28 12 2006

I vote that the week between Christmas and New Years be excluded from any use of a year, and be allowed to be expanded, thus enjoying more time off. 🙂 Furthermore, allowing 2006 to end immediately after Christmas, and 2007 not starting until all recovering has happened after New Years Eve. 🙂

29 12 2006

Yay sister. 2006: The year in which for 5 solid months I thought about nothing but me and my ridiculous random health issues. What-ev-er.

29 12 2006

While I agree completely, it has (for me at least) been so much better than so many other of the years that start with a 2!

29 12 2006

Sorry but…. 2007 will be the same:)

29 12 2006

Who would any of us be without the bullshit in the margins, darling?

2 01 2007

a little late, but still heartfelt–though more a kick on its way out the door–

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