sometimes it’s this simple

29 12 2006

at the end of a five-mile meander through the sparse winter woods, i’m sitting with the ipod still in, my feet up in the window, the sun on my face & a warm mug of sweet potato casserole in my hands (really, the stuff is a candy pudding), feeling totally lyrically vindicated by this song & also somehow smug enough to smirk about it.

i don’t know if anybody i know would get that well enough to share that smile with me, or if i’m best off as my own best friend, but it’s working for me.




One response

31 12 2006

I tend to think any one of us is better off as our own best friend, but I do get it well enough to share the smile.
One of my all time favorite maxims is:
It takes a very good husband to be better than no husband at all.
I think it might apply to categories other than husbands, but I for sure know it’s true there.

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