not to be hiding from the year

3 01 2007

i would like to dedicate today’s QC to jessica_dwg and the thomasville/ATL crew–not because they’re any more prone than anybody else to this sort of thing (at least not that i know!) but because the language of the discussion is just so right.

later, i will post more. there is much to say, and at least as much not to, but 2007, watching her take baby-steps in her dry-leaf gown & how the frost shines in her hair, i’ve got high hopes for this little girl.

in the meantime, though, i have a cat to coax a few more purrs out of before we lose the lass; the numbers are all unclear, and i don’t know yet whether she’ll be making another trip to syracuse or not, but what’s pretty clear is we’re starting the final countdown. so hum a little europe-on-the-synth for my sassy, because everybody’s going-away party should involve a little cheesy 80’s metal, & forgive me if i’m a little moody while i come to terms with this. you’d think, old as i am, that i’d have lost a pet before, but it’s new territory.




7 responses

3 01 2007

Yay QC.
Here’s to hoping.
I’m totally with you about the cat. I’d put in the soft understanding-but-painful sympathy words here, but neither of us needs to cry this early in the day. Foober was the first cat who was mine, and I only lost her in 2003.

3 01 2007

*humming* and Loving you both.

3 01 2007

hugs and pats and messenger bags to pee on.

3 01 2007

Sending (((hugs))) and love your way.

3 01 2007

all kinds of love and prayers for you and the cassala-girl.

3 01 2007

You know, if they did sell distance and perspective at the drugstore, my life would be a lot easier.
Many hugs and best wishes for your remaining time with your kitty. It’s really hard to lose a pet, I know — I still miss my cat with frightening regularity.

4 01 2007

okay, I’ll break the ice and cry a little. It’s hard to say goodbye. hug her lots while you can.

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