*ahem* dear 2007,

8 01 2007

remember that promise we talked about, the sort that you were overflowing with? this is not much of a start, little girl.

we did have a lovely reminescent coffee with message_2love yesterday at misha’s-which-could-be-bollo’s-if-they-cut-all-of-their-coffee-prices-by-$2 and a meander around old town past the shops & down along the water, & tparnell and jpenamelist made me laugh and fed me and showed me craig-on-tv and generously sent me home with wine and leftovers, neither of which i could have paid for on my own (and i will eat tortellini for breakfast if i want to, thank you very much), so it was a pretty good day. right up until the car’s check-engine-light came on before i’d hardly made it out of laurel, while i was trying to navigate unfamiliar roads in the dark rain, learning that my wipers actually work for crap at night; this time instead of a random warning light with no apparent implication, the light was followed by the car immediately beginning to get louder and louder and more resistant to acceleration, which it gradually kept doing for the whole hour-and-a-half drive home (probably not a nice thing to do to the sickly engine, but i didn’t have any better choices). this morning it barely limped to the station, snarling like a very angry and expensive animal all the way, and did i mention trying to save, having to give up on, and cremating a cat costs (last 2 months total) about $1800 i already didn’t have?

so while the car might be fixable, right now it doesn’t look fixable. right now the outside world is cold and dreary-raining and the inside… initial reckoning is this first week’s already cost me a cat, a car, & a highly valued friendship.

so 2007, honey, c’mon. we need to talk.

update: make that “the car can not be fixed.” or, at the very least, the $4000 car that i’ve already “fixed” at least $2000 worth is not worth another $1300 (if nothing else breaks, the mechanic says, so that’s the conservative version) to fix again.

fucking hell.




6 responses

8 01 2007

Yeah, the month started with a great weekend, but really hasn’t kept up with first promises.

8 01 2007

oh noes

8 01 2007

well, hell.
thats no good. sounds like it could be the transmission, but my diagnosis doesnt actually help anything so i’ll shut up. also sounds like you could use some company tonight, if you dont already have some. tag me and let me know.
and let me know if i need to find a way to kick 2007, cus i got my boots on and am rearin to kick.
Love you, girl.

8 01 2007

maybe you’re front ending the bad news for 2007 & so that the rest of it ends up being great?

9 01 2007

Oh, boo, car! So sorry, t, but I agree with aaric — you’re just getting all of 2007’s bullshit out of the way.

10 01 2007

Sorry to hear about the car troubles. No fun all all, that. 😦
I don’t know if this will be helpful, but we’ve got a spare car at the moment since I recently bought a new one. I’m on the cusp of listing it on Craigslist. It has some known problems and needs some work, but if you’re interested, we could let you have it for a song (or a poem). The questions are:
(a) Do you drive stick shift?
(b) Are you interested in a 1996 Subaru Outback with 218k miles?
(c) It’s here. You’re there.
If you’re interested, let me know, and I can send you the details of the state it’s in and what I know is right and wrong with it. Is the e-mail in your profile still a good way to reach you?

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