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10 01 2007

dooce today made me laugh, not because there’s anything startling here but because it’s just a really damn nicely-written well-put-together funny piece of writing. (ignore how writing-teacher-y that sounds and just read it, would you?) i would have done so much better in paul’s essay class if i’d had this sort of role-model-prose around me.

in other news, i’m midway through the process, downstairs, of finishing putting boxes together; i’m mailing most of my clothes home and abandoning most of my x-mas loot, hoping maybe somebody will want to come to new york to visit in the next few months & bring me my stuff (& hoping that in addition to me & the cat the friend who’s saving my ass by driving it back to syracuse in the morning will also have room for the gift-alcohol because holy hell am i going to need that)…

but my roommate, the other savior in this story, thinks maybe she can hook me up with a part-time job (shhh) and loan me a car to get to it, so maybe by the time anybody did come up bearing crap i could afford new gift-alcohol to share as a reward? and mommy loaned me her car yesterday so i could have coffee with a friend and go visit the absurdly-adorable fønss family (the cute, it burns!!!) and end out the evening with a silly cheshirrrecat and a totally wasted rachel and a little limewire/myspace ridiculousness & some tasty gemstone-flavored scotch & o the happy little whiskey, & i’m bummed to have had to tank my plans with kyneburh to catch this ride, but if i get my shit packed in time to mail today i do get to go catch up with hillary and noah, so…

today i’m totally channeling paulie channeling dory: “just keep swimming, just keep swimming…”




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10 01 2007

Because I felt like it
A friend pointed me to your blog, specifically to 1/9/07 “Suburban Nightlife.” Thank you for such an entertaining slice of dog life, and congratulations on the attempted pick-up.
This is just a random thank-you from a stranger. No reply is necessary. Have a nice rest of your life!

10 01 2007

Re: Because I felt like it
glad i could pass along the entertainment!
p.s. your chair is now in the possession of our friend in manassass, with whom i was lucky enough to get to grab a quick coffee yesterday. i know that’s not marshall, but i figured it was closer than burke!!!

10 01 2007

Re: Because I felt like it
Does he have my contact info? I haven’t said more than a passing hi in too long a time.

10 01 2007

I heart dooce. Her Leta-letters invariably have me in tears, either from near-hysterical laughing or from mushiness.
And if I know one thing about your chaffeur, I know that he will always make room for booze. Have fun!

10 01 2007

_Dory_. You need to come and watch that movie a dozen times or so with my boys… 😉

10 01 2007

love to. how are the re-builds for that teleporter coming? 🙂

10 01 2007

we finished that bottle of whiskey and some more scotch after you left… at about 3 we called it quits, after listening to “case of you” and “mexican moon” about 476 times. no, we werent tipsy or anything… :}

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