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13 01 2007

back again, although the north is unconvincing in its frozen-ness; there was snow to usher us in, lying around on the fields & floors of forests, anyway, but melted yesterday; today it’s an un-energetic fall interspersed with rain that’s just as lackadaisical. my neighbors upstairs seem to have sucked all the energy out of the whole town; they’ve run the vaccuum at least 3 times since yesterday morning, & last night their spastic spaniel let himself into my apartment (guess i should pay better attention to that back door latch) to say hello.

so i’m here; did ya miss me? because J is a godsend, i managed not only to get home but to spend most of the trip grinning–well, the part where i wasn’t recoiling in horror from the steven king story-on-tape he devoted a chunk of miles to a few disturbing chapters of or from the satisfactorily deflected (& scarier yet, i think i’m actually starting to get it) conversations about politics we had in lieu of actually listening to any talk radio (halleluiah!)–for the most part between the radio of pennsylvania (ah, gotta love pennsylvania; where else do you get g’n’r & meatloaf mid-day on a thursday even when you keep changing the station?) and his unbelievably eclectic ipod (gives mine a run for my money, i have to say, & anybody knows me at all knows how much that’s saying), we did a lot of singing & smirking & i learned an awful lot about draco & the malfoys (must…have…copy…of…deatheater…song) & if i had to come up over those mountains toward this town one last time–cuz i gots no wheelz, peeps, so i ain’t going anywhere to come back from–i can’t imagine there was a better way to do it. it’s getting fuzzy already, though; i can’t remember precisely anymore whether it was while belting savage garden or chesney hawkes (no one else on earth), when we both knew all the words, that i told him my inner dork was totally in love.

& now the house is mostly back in order, the laundry’s in, the fridge/cupboard situation is assessed (roommie will be back in 3 days and i’ll make it that far, i totally will), i made it to friday’s committee meeting, i’ve scheduled a meeting with a member of my own committee for next week, & i grabbed a little fiction from the public library that i expected to be wholly cheesy but is actually surprisingly good, so me & my cuppa-tea, we’re doing wonderfully. plus at least 5 of my darling friends have already offered me rides to sources of stuff and sustainence in case my calculations don’t turn out, so the love? yeah. you know how it is.




7 responses

13 01 2007

deatheater song?
is this something off the soundtrack?

13 01 2007

i know nothing ‘cept it’s off ‘s ipod, & sung merrily to the tune of nena’s “99 red balloons.” if he remembers to send me a copy, i’ll pass it along. 🙂

13 01 2007

It’s from the truly awesome Draco and the Malfoys cd, which I bought online… somewhere. I would Google it, but: dialup. Woe.

14 01 2007

oh, pish, i can’t spend *money*, just gmail the mp3!!! ( <–pirate!)
& p.s. remember that part about how i said i’d visit you in jail, although i wouldn’t really WANT to, & the not-wanting was about the jail part, not about not wanting to visit you, right? what are the chances you’d return that favor? ::whistles innocently::

14 01 2007

Check your gmail in a bit.
Sure, I’ll come visit. If I approve of whatever landed you behind bars (and, knowing you, I probably will), I might even bring you a carrot cake with a file inside.
Also, I would like you to know that I am posting this courtesy of the glorious folks at Windstream DSL, whom I feel I haven’t appreciated properly until now.

13 01 2007

That’s too funny! I couldn’t find 99 Deatheaters on iTunes, but I did find the following on YouTube…

14 01 2007

Glad to hear you made it back safely, love. (was gonna say “home”, but.)
miss you already, kickin around my local world.

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