how many times have we (never) had this little talk?

18 01 2007

if i’m wasting all your time
this time (you’ve been wasting

my time

maybe you never learned to take




3 responses

19 01 2007

::Raises glass of wine in your direction:: I’m hoping the fact that you’re not online means you’re not at home because you’re out doing something entertaining and that things are copacetic.

19 01 2007

thank you, dear. there was plenty of entertainment involved, actually, with extra helpings of manamana. 🙂
& i probably really shouldn’t have my whole tori collection on repeat-play for a week at a time. this little thread, though, kept coming around, and i just lovelovelove how she manages to sound so gently wronged and righteous about it all at the same time. it’s sad, and yet it’s so clear where the fault (all the stupid in the room) lies (& that the narrator can’t give it all up anyway, even though she knows)…
yeah, the truth about boys is i only want bono so bad because i know i can’t handle tori’s awesomeness & in real life i’d transform into a puddle like that useless wonder-twin if she walked through the door.

19 01 2007

Yes, too much Tori can be dangerous indeed. I realized rather quickly last week that my new Ani playlist was not helping my mood, so I had to put it aside for relentlessly perky 80s pop. Voila, good mood. (Then again, I am a bit too easily suggestible.)
I think you could handle the Tori IRL, I have faith — Bono is an equally good selection, though. If eventually forced to choose, do try to talk them into the “both” option. I personally am holding out for Daniel Craig and/or Lena Olin, so wish me luck and I’ll send my witchy vibes towards the UK for you.

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