catalogues of pleasures and threads

30 01 2007

walking to marshall street this morning was a sunny dance along sidewalks scored with ski-tracks between hills of new-piled snow still loose enough with sharply-defined flakes that passing by is like strutting (to moody metal songs to really clinch the image) down a catwalk, flashbulbs going off from all directions. coming back this afternoon was a thick grey slide swirled between blowing shards and sailing cotton tufts invisible against the matte-grey sky, with driven summer-afternoon techno and adrenaline-junkie surfer-movie songs; tie that off with shoveling the walk to “ventura highway” (& what the hell’s an “alligator-lizard”?) & that’s my life, moods and images on shuffle like tarot cards in an infinite melodic deck.

in the interim, five pages of prose, two cups of coffee, and a lunch-plus-twelve-block-walk-long joint-and-solo exploration of the mythos of the superhero & the collisions between internal & external mythologies & awarenesses-thereof. my friend calls me out across the table, catching me smiling too revealingly to be paying attention only to the plot of heroes, & sets off the spiral by asking why, although what comes out of my mouth at first i’m sure makes not the slightest bit of sense. broader-angled, up the crazy hill between campus and the park, sliding back for every step in the salted slush, i get that it’s not just this conversation, or last year’s, or the year before’s, that charms and captures me, but how these things fall into patterns echoing one another–how all the others made each other and made this one possible. at least three of the folks here i consider good friends know–and theorize–a lot about superheroes. these are neither new nor passing fancies; these are things these folks have always followed, burrowed into, dug the marrow out of. they aren’t superhero fans because superheroes are “in” again in TVland & hollywood. and the folks i hung out with before weren’t–and still aren’t–superhero fans; we had, have, embodied, still-embody different mythologies (bibles, wizards, history, the languages of poets, pirates, swords). & so i’m thinking about how the patterns pull themselves together, trying to remember where i heard the theory first that everything you learn in a lifetime you learn in time to put it to its use, and at the same time, always meta, outside imagining the snowflakes pulling thread as they intertwine & watching all these threads make yet another brand-new weave.

& i can’t help thinking (in an even mix of pride, despair, and baffled exasperation) only an academic would go to lengths like these (and does that make the long road about discovery or another round of obfuscation?) to answer the question & explain the flash of recognition that made me smile right when it did: i was exactly (“no capes!”) where i wanted to be.




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30 01 2007

I almost made the trek down to Marshall Street myself. I want to try hitting either LaTazza (if it is open again) or the tea room at least once a week.
It is always good to be exactly where you want to be.

30 01 2007

la tazza is not only open again, but it is now very colorful, has many new comfy chairs, and serves WAFFLES (in addition to other foodstuffs). that’s where the coffee & the writing happened!

2 02 2007

I thought the waffles place was a different place… are you saying it’s all one place? That would rock! Clearly I’ve been away from there too long again…

2 02 2007

Re: waffles?
i am!
it does!
you have!
well, in theory it rocks. they aren’t cheap waffles, any more than they’re cheap foofy-coffees, & so nobody i know has actually had one, but we bask in the idea, and adore the syrup by the half-and-half on the counter. πŸ™‚

31 01 2007

No Capes!

31 01 2007

Your post makes me wanna go someplace cold. with a laptop.

2 02 2007

come on up.
have a little moody ambiance. i’m totally failing to write anything good out of it–i’d love to see you try your hand instead. πŸ™‚

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