pink slip from the stars

31 01 2007

the freewill astrology guy is SO FIRED.

sangeethadevi was checking horoscopes while the coffee’s brewing & we’re thinking about (but not yet moving towards) getting out of our pajamas. “i don’t want any,” i said, when she read the part about secrets & revelations. “I DON’T WANT ANY!” i stamped my feet on the floor when she got to the part about drama. and some more when she got to the part about drama being “pretty entertaining.”


the google one is a little better. it says i’m irrational & should keep my mouth shut. as this is almost always the case, i can nod knowingly and go on about my day now. but what the hell is with all these people thinking i have “previously hidden thoughts” i either should (to stir up drama!) or should not (because it’s irrational and, probably, because it’s likely to stir up drama) disclose? i got nothin’, y’all. it’s the same story as yesterday & the day before–i can’t even call up any high school crushes and start any drama there, because they all already know.

but if you know any cancers, give ’em hell, because apparently the rest of them out there today are hiding something good!




7 responses

31 01 2007

As a cancer myself, I say unto you “Bwa ha ha ha ha!”
::scurries away snickering::

31 01 2007

Apparently I am also hiding and denying. I think the Freewill guy is projecting. He also seems to think I should grow marijuana? That’s what I’m getting out of it, anyway.

31 01 2007

share the profits? 😉

31 01 2007

Sure! Can I borrow your backyard?

31 01 2007

hmm. it’s kind of small & also in use as a parking lot. my mom’s property backs up to fields & woods, though. as long as we set our stash a ways back from the trail the high school’s cross-country team uses (b/c otherwise they’d swipe it all) we’re golden there…

31 01 2007

Just remember. stirring up the trouble doesn’t mean staying in the middle of it 😉 Something, I suppose, we could both use lessons on *SNAP*

1 02 2007

yeah, see. that sounds terrific in theory. but i can’t even walk away from other people’s train wrecks if i know they’re happening–you know i couldn’t shrug & wander off letting somebody else clean up my own! i’m way too responsible. tragically responsible. probably tragically a lot of things.
moth to pretty light of DOOM…
can’t… look… away…
you say you don’t want it, the circus you’re in
but you don’t,
you don’t really mean it

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