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6 02 2007

pages: many. be proud of me. i may be writing crap (i have it on good authority that all first-draft writing is crap, & thus producing crap is GOOD), but by damn i’m writing.

book: not the last one. dammit.

weather: i crashed my boots through crusty-topped snowdrifts all the way home today in the sunshine. yay sunshine! this activity helped me notice less that it’s ridiculously cold outside. less isn’t none, though; it’s ridiculously cold outside.

cat: snores. and wheezes. often simultaneously.

friends: it’s fabulous when they study with me. i ♥ it. ♥ ♥ ♥ although i might be short one tomorrow, as our many inches of snow are many feet up in parish where maddy lives.

tea: yummy. goes well with feet-pocket-blanket & tigger socks.

superheroes: make me happy even when i can’t take them seriously. i mean, ben affleck? yeah. i just can’t forget mallrats. or, for that matter, as ccangels was so quick to remind me, that duck.

liars: should not speak of love. just, you know, on general principle.

lions, taxes, & dmvs, oh my: nudge my stress-levels into unacceptable colors on the threat-warning pie-chart. i am pretending they don’t exist. i am practicing transcendence, which bears a marked resemblance to denial. i need a masseuse. or a bottle of wine. or preferably both.

there are little, tiny things, though. minute things. minuscule things. but in their own little ways they’re very bright and shiny. and you know how i feel about shiny.

oh & bono: ROCKS THE HIZZOUSE. thank you.




3 responses

7 02 2007

Bono rocks the WHITE HIZZOUSE! And he gets to stand by the eagle’s peace claw!

7 02 2007

>sigh< what a sweet picture. i just love when real world leaders are cool enough to keep their shirts untucked and kind enough to spare a little time for even the weakest and most foolish among us.
bono’s all like “if you listen to me, i’ve got some great ideas for how we can reduce debt, save the world, feed starving children, give a crap about something beyond your own living room, oh, & you know, you might actually try reading that bible you talk about, it could be cool, you know?” & bush is like “oh yeah? that could be good. what’s that called again? ‘reading’? say, where can i get somma those sunglasses?”

7 02 2007

Nice list lass. Bono schmono… you rock.

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