flowers in the desert

14 02 2007

i’m not expecting to
grow flowers in the desert
but i can live and breathe and
see the sun in wintertime

okay, it was a blizzard, not a desert–or maybe is a blizzard, since it hasn’t yet stopped coming down, & we’re working towards our third foot in what should round out to being about 24 hours. but i certainly was not expecting flowers. (and no, i didn’t leave the poor things out there for any longer than it took to capture the contrast!) the card that came with them identified them as a little spring to sneak up on me from all directions; the contrast-snow is about a foot higher by now, and the flowers are hanging out in the living room adding additional cheer to the already chipper study hall.

blizzard or no, we’ve got eight diligent troopers who put a lie to the possibility that there was such a thing as too much snow, and i made a batch (my second of the day) of snow ice-cream to share with the throngs, and nell brought thematically-colored red-velvet cupcakes with white frosting & red sprinkles–a whole library-bag collision of them! we also have many mugs of warm tea, a spattering of completely irrelevant conversation (howard jones lyrics as journal-entries in required english-class notebooks), blankets, candles, rocking chairs, books, student papers, pillows & laptops.

sangeethadevi just read our horrorscopes–their horrorscopes, as i’ve forbidden her from reading mine ever again, and now paul’s running a draft of tomorrow’s speaker-introduction off half his audience, who are engaging in a dynamic group critique of his prose, equipped with kermit-the-frog-type-flailing alongside our heartfelt practice-applause. it’s still snowing, benneer is providing a wonderful contrastive influence by reading fiction, and the kettle’s hissing, and the house smells like lilies and ginger and cinnamon.

i started out expecting to completely hate today. last year’s gifts haven’t quite worn off yet, and that’s unfortunate, because they’re not the sort one wants to hold onto for long. but the love! it sprang up out of nowhere–and out of blizzards! in addition to these lovely flowers, the Real World brought me a new burn of Pop from _aurelius & a Cars valentine from noah halili, and Virtual World brought three valentines, a pink rose & a stolen kiss flung my way when i was looking the other direction, and a whole two-hands-full of perky calendar-date-related well-wishes–and a toast from sunshine to all the lucky bastards who haven’t met me yet!

that’s my second favorite Virtual valentine. AND jessica_dwg upgraded my account so that i can have more icons!!! and mood icons!!! i have done nothing all day but play with these toys and trawl the web for goodies and gaze at my flowers and play with the toys some more. well. and do laundry. and almost get into a fight i completely didn’t want to have with someone i adore who managed to sidestep all of my stupidity and make me laugh about the weather. have i mentioned lately that i’m the luckiest girl in the whole, wide world?




3 responses

15 02 2007

I think that pirate is calling you a ho. Or a ho teacher. Or a ho and teacher. I’m not sure.

15 02 2007

when he’s this awesome, that pirate can call me anything he wants to.

16 02 2007

blizzard! flowers! who could ask for more?
— Annabel

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