bad blogger

26 02 2007

i have been chastised about my several consecutive days of not-blogging-ness, & so of course now i am contrite and must atone. so, dear intarwub, i offer stuff, in no particular order.

it’s snowing.

the magic-logic of being 14 hasn’t changed any; charms are still only charms if properly bespelled.

the project-total reached 100 pages yesterday, & i followed my advisor’s advice to celebrate with champagne. and glitter. well, the glitter wasn’t her idea, it was mine, but it went so well with nell’s champagne. i think technically the oscars inspired some of this, but i would have all about the glitter and champagne in either case.

i was also kinda thoroughly inappropriate last night, but nobody knows to mind. well, almost nobody, & the knower didn’t mind, by all indications, so all’s well. good lord, can you imagine the nightmares we’d have been had we had text-messaging at 14? passing notes in the hall was bad enough.

i hate when my friends break up.

i love the insider-language by which people tell you they love you by saying nothing of the sort.

wrestling with ideas used to appeal to me, but it really doesn’t anymore. i’m tired of ideas. or, at least, i’m tired of ideas that constantly demand nit-picky rule-bound wrestling. i’d rather wrestle with humans. and cheat, and lose, and wind up pinned to the floor giggling about it. who wants to go first?




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27 02 2007

you are adorable.
i miss you. i miss having the excuse of ideas to wrestle with you.:)
i joined this book thing.

i’ve never bothered to keep track of how much i read, but i figure i probably should. it is a fearsome addiction.
there is this re-telling of beauty and the beast called “beauty” that reminds me of you. the sort of book you would lend me.:)

27 02 2007

it’s a lovely one. thank you for thinking of me!
i am resisting the temptation to even click to see your community of bibliophiles. the very idea wrenches at my story-starved soul, but i have chapters to write. le sigh.
& p.s. you have my love about luther. i just can’t even read your posts yet, let alone think about it. too much shying away still from losing my baby girl…

27 02 2007

POP? still? how long has it been now?
are we gonna have to do an intervention? (that’d work well — nell and i’d be drunk, prolly).

27 02 2007

y’all are welcome to try to intervene.
i might just dare you.

27 02 2007

i love the insider-language by which people tell you they love you by saying nothing of the sort.
In my world, love is often proclaimed via offers of software. It’s not a good world, mine.
Drama llama dalai lama! (Why yes, I am drunk on Nyquil, thanks for noticing!)

27 02 2007

i love the insider-language by which people tell you they love you by saying nothing of the sort.
Yes! Lately I’ve been learning that other people won’t always speak my language, but their meaning is the same, so I should listen differently.

27 02 2007

it’s a difficult lesson. especially since the line is sometimes so thin between “listen differently” and “invent what you’re hoping to hear.” but it’s worth trying anyway, i think, even though i have a good sense of how often (very) i’ll get it wrong.

27 02 2007

good point

27 02 2007

“Name the movie”
A slightly adjusted quote…….
“Shocked! Shocked I am to see smutty text messaging with suggestive innuendo.”
“Incoming text message”
“Thank you. Now stop all of this naughtiness.”

27 02 2007

Re: “Name the movie”
the waters? what waters? we’re in the desert!

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