jewels (har har) from

4 03 2007

annabel (far more potentially amusing to local folks than those who live elsewhere, but, hey, if you ever wanted the overview…)

sunshine (follow the “this” for an artsy-fartsy pretty procrastination device)

my baby bubba (for those suffering from a dearth of nightmares)

jer (who is really not to blame) (only potentially mind-altering to harry potter fans. and the otherwise unprepared.) (NOT WORKSAFE & don’t blame me b/c you have been warned)




4 responses

4 03 2007

i’m blind!!!!
i’m blind!!!!
i loved the barbies.

5 03 2007

Thanks for the link! I literally spent a good half hour procrastinating on that page, and I’ll probably go back for more.- Sunshine

9 03 2007

Oooh, I love the ink-blot thing. I kept seeing happy moster faces in the designs I made. I think that’s good…

9 03 2007

i know, isn’t is fabulous?!
i’d say happy monsters are good. really, happy-anything. 🙂 i’m too art-nerd, though; i want to be able to predict and/or control the colors!

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