musical challenges

6 03 2007

in the last week or so, i’ve been issued a few good make-me-a-cd challenges. the first one was from madyonk, who said “make me a cd of u2 songs. you talk so much about them. but i only have time to listen to one disc!” the “or so” above is because i sat on that one for at least a week, maybe 2, considering it an un-do-able task & trying to decide how many discs i was going to actually saddle her with instead. then at dinner sunday a conversation started up out of which arrived the challenge to create, for the purposes of inspiring jill’s exam-writing, an inspirational soundtrack as per an 80s-movie-esque heroic montage. some of that crafting was done collaboratively on a restaurant-napkin; the rest of it

disc 1: “jill’s marathon”:
survivor’s “eye of the tiger” from rocky
victory theme from the karate kid: “you’re the best around”
john parr’s “man in motion” from st. elmo’s fire
europe’s “the final countdown”
sly fox’s “let’s go all the way”
benatar’s “invincible” from the legend of billie jean
bonnie tyler’s “holding out for a hero” from >footloose
corey hart’s “never surrender”
the theme from fame
tori’s “take to the sky”
springsteen’s “no retreat, no surrender”
the indigo girls’ “hammer and a nail”
the theme from the greatest american hero
nena’s 99 red balloons (her exam areas required that we have a song “about death”)
benatar’s “love is a battlefield”
the kinks’ “turning japanese” (also topic-area related)
chas jankel’s “number one” from real genius
the theme from chariots of fire
queen’s “we are the champions”

and then so inspired from that success i decided that i could meet the real challenge, if i was very, very harsh about the rules. one song only from each major album, & then fill-ins from my favorite b-sides, with radio-hits mostly excluded when i could help it. i’m pretty happy with the results, which i’m mostly posting to entertain _aurelius–what would you have done differently? anybody else who wants to weigh in is always welcome, of course! but you can’t say what you’d add w/o saying what you’d axe, because remember: 25 years of musical genius. 17 tracks. (& 40’s so short if you take it off you don’t get to replace it with anything.)

1. i will follow (boy)
2. 40 (war)
3. tomorrow (october)
4. bad (the unforgettable fire)
5. new year’s day (under a blood red sky)
6. running to stand still (the joshua tree)
7. luminous times (hold on to love) (with or without you)
8. a room at the heartbreak hotel (angel of harlem)
9. heartland (rattle & hum)
10. dancing barefoot (when love comes to town)
11. ultraviolet (light my way) (achtung, baby)
12. the first time (zooropa/MDH)
13. if god will send his angels (POP)
14. slide away (with michael hutchence)(michael hutchence)
15. walk on (all that you can’t leave behind)
16. electrical storm (best of 1990-2000)
17. miracle drug (how to dismantle an atomic bomb)




4 responses

7 03 2007

Did J. get her montage?

7 03 2007

she did indeed. we take good care of our peeps around here. 🙂

7 03 2007

good work on the U2. damn. i mean i just don’t if i could have done that. i mean, the temptation to include all of the joshua tree.
well, color me impressed…

8 03 2007

Remember those two psuedo-Ben-&-Jerry’s characters on City Slickers? Yeah, well, THIS is just like THAT, which means you have a special gift or something. Nicely done.

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