8 04 2007

while D & i were having grog & watching firefly last night, the easter bunny knocked on mine-and-sangeethadevi‘s door and ran away into the falling snow; i found on the stoop a little yellow mesh bag with our names on it & brightly-colored eggs-n-things inside.

this morning, sorting through our pastel spoils, we found 2 candy chicks way more prettily-detailed (and likely way tastier & less mysteriously revolting) than peeps, 2 hard-boiled eggs dyed with paas-tablets & vinegar (you can smell it, if you put your nose against the surface–and we can see the little line where the metal loop touched the surface of the shell), 2 plastic eggs filled with candies (chocolate, pastel-m&ms w/sheep-faces on their ms, jelly beans, peppermints), each with our name on the outside and a note inside on bright paper cut into a bunny-shape; hers makes an inside joke from class or myspace, depending on where that bunny’s been, & mine says “my name is inigo montoya, you killed my bunny’s father, prepare to die!” in addition to his myspace savvy, clearly the easter bunny also knows about my prowess regarding 80s references.

handwriting analysis suggests a thing or two about our mystery-bunny-deliverypersons, but we’re not giving anything away to spoil anybody else’s discovery, as this rather had the mark of a drive-by in a series of similar activities…

we hope the luv spreads far, & that everybody’s having a lovely snowy holiday.




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