more stuff that’s shiny

9 04 2007

so, hey, those of you who play with google earth, have you noticed how now there are photographs all over it, so that for lots and lots of places, you can see not just what the satellite saw but what folks found on the ground? here’s how they get there: specifically, that’s my map, with my partially-uploaded archives (l_stboy, burny_md, more places-near-you are on today’s agenda, which should help distract me from how it’s still snowing)… you can also find my pics in google earth now, if you set it to access “all panoramio photographs”–they only update the compass-icon images every month or so, so none of those are me. yet.

when i get back to NoVA & get my hands on my scanner, there will be many more! in the meantime, though, this is an invitation–if you want to join the populate-the-globe-with-pictures party, panoramio accounts are still free and abundant, although they’re not promising that’ll be true forever. & if you do, let me know so i can add you to my contact list and find your maps!




One response

10 04 2007

Hurray, I got mentioned! 😉
Kinda cool, but seems like a serious distraction. (good for you, bad for me 🙂

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