stems and bones and stone walls too

8 05 2007

hearts and feet all stretched out on the kitchen floor: complicated. over-dry with unsaid words. like too-green limes that won’t bleed when you look inside. i don’t know what i’m talking about. the coffee pot is ticking; maybe i should take the hint and caffienate myself towards coherency? also, i have noticed that i have a crush on paul every time he sings, but that’s hardly newsworthy; i have crushes all the time on everybody. i think i’ll be trying this “language” thing again later. in the meantime:

1. Male friend: Sejarez, also known as Piddy-the-Cat. sorry, y’all, but ain’t none of you can beat a 10-years-without-a-single-real-fight record.
2. Female friend: gave ’em up; i hear they cause cancer. not friends, but “best” friends. cancer.

1. Time of day: 8 or 9pm, after day-things have ended & before night-things start (or right after you’ve become certain that nothing cool is going to happen)
2. Day of the Week: i’m in diss-land; we don’t have calendars here
3. Food: greasy mammal-centric barfood. give me green things!
4. Memory: putting kassy down

1. Person you saw: my roommate, heading out the door on a rescue mission after singing in the sunny living room all morning
2. Talked to on the phone: D, calling last night to see if it was a good time to come by & bring vodka, which, of course it was!
3. Text: ima_spoony_bard, about writing papers (really)
4. IMed: dr. jasonian democracy, aka complicittheory, about editing assignments (really)
5. Message over myspace: dirty_laundry82 taunting me b/c she’s in austin w/my fam & i’m not there 😦

1. What are you doing now: stalling while i try to remember how to write
2. What are you wearing right now?: jammies: blue t-shirt, fuzzy grey sweats, & the hot pink crocs w/butterflies on them that pooh_gal bought me
3. Better than yesterday: hard to say… this one has been excellent so far, but it’s just getting started, & yesterday was pretty damn fantastic!

1. Is: brimming with untapped possibility
2. Got any plans: eating and writing in sunbeams w/pooh_gal and madyonk in the morning, & after that nary a clue
3. Dislikes about tomorrow: i’ll probably come home burnt from the sunbeams.

1. Is: another day when anything could happen!
2. Got any plans: bah. plans are for the weak!

1. Number: 44. from longstanding habit, & neither for my school (stupid school) or the girl i got it from (see above re: cancer)
2. Song: today? sangeethadevi and paul morris covering “yankee bayonette” with the harmonies a little different every time
3. Color: this early in spring (it’s early here, trust me), green, green, green
4. Season: fall, but i’m not in a hurry for the next one to arrive

1. Missing someone: always
2. Mood: cheerful
3. Wanting: breakfast? last night’s vodka hasn’t quite made up its mind about that.

True or False
I am a cuddler: true
I am a morning person: true, much to mass chagrin
I am a perfectionist: almost
I am an only child: was for 3 years, but that was long enough
I am currently suffering from a broken heart: i wouldn’t call it “suffering.” muscles have to break to grow.
I can be paranoid at times: i think i’ve mostly outgrown that. why, who said i was???
I enjoy country music: only when it’s sung by a certain friend or four
I enjoy talking on the phone: often
I had a hard time paying attention at school: i wouldn’t call it a hard time. i paid lots of attention at school. sometimes even to the intended lessons
I have a hidden talent: i don’t hide much…
I’m hopeless: with frisbees and bicycles
I have at least one brother and/or sister: true and then some
I have been told that I am attractive: true. sometimes even believably
I have broken a bone: right middle finger when i was 3
I have changed a diaper: all shapes, sizes, and sometimes-unfortunate interior colors
I have friends who have never seen my natural hair color: nope
I have had major/minor surgery: nope (::knocks on wood::)
I have had my hair cut within the last 2 months: take passive voice out; i hacked a good 8 inches off, & 2 or 3 people actually noticed of their own accord.




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