a borrowed cold & fishfood tea w/honey

18 05 2007

i think i’m going to spend the day in my pajamas, brooding & listening to

if you want to
i never try to stop you
know there’s a reason
for all of this
you’re feeling low
it’s not my call
you couldn’t ever love me more
you couldn’t love me more

. might catch a few old csi episodes online. i will most likely not be journaling or talking about it or building bridges (you know, the kind to getthefuckover) because it’s all too much just yet.

but it seems i’ve learned a lesson about feigned insouciance that i might-shoulda had in high school: it doesn’t protect you from anything.




3 responses

18 05 2007

One of these two should help:
[audio src="http://www.geekmeat.net/mp3s/dontworry.mp3" /]
(no matter if “help” means dance around in your chair, laugh histerically, or just shake your head at “Silly Timothy” πŸ˜‰

18 05 2007

silly, silly timothy. πŸ™‚

18 05 2007

Thank goodness for dictionary.com.
I learned what insouciance means. ;p

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