more annoying insider-references for the other hater

20 05 2007

among the many attributes that make jessica_dwg awesome: ipod-fu (b/c ffs enough with the cure!)
+ some definitions:
tacky = bridesmaid’s parties on the wine trail without underwear
tackier than that = that total strangers know that little detail
seneca-touring = gorgeous & giggly & it didn’t rain
nell’s education = coming along nicely, i hear
rasta-ranch = our new tie-dyed home-base
hanson = not even for you people
jr. high lj drama = so passé
satellites (of) = love




3 responses

20 05 2007

The Bear that has no lj account
Dude, I love the insider references. Where would the intertron be without them, I ask you?….
Also: I’m considering baking.
That is all.

21 05 2007

Re: The Bear that has no lj account
mmm, baking.
combine that inclination w/the rasta ranch, and it’ll be pot-brownies for EVERYBODY!!!
& the intertron, it would be overrun by only the boringest geeks, the ones w/o an appropriate love of battlestar & star wars and other starry sci-fi about which to make insider-references, and that would be seriously snoozeville.

20 05 2007

I think I may move here just for Rasta Ranch.

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