3 06 2007

also, my existing roommate sangeethadevi likes to demonstrate her creativity and genius by doing things like feeding me spontaneous lunches of korean pancakes full of fresh, crunchy vegetables & doused in spicy homemade dumpling-sauce, & hollybear is on her way over to write with me a while and partake of the bounty. have i mentioned lately that life is awesome?




4 responses

3 06 2007

korean pancakes?

3 06 2007
3 06 2007

Btw… nice to hear you sing again lass.

11 06 2007

Can we build a passageway attaching your kitchen to mine? Please tell Sangeetha, if she’s ever feeling the urge to feed grateful faces when you are not at home, we will welcome her with open arms. And mouths. 😀

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