22 06 2007

i bought a car so i can drive to otp (& thx to _aurelius for being my shopping-buddy and madyonk for all the advising and reassuring and being so in ♥ with her own that i had to have one too). it’s very blue and shiny and i am very broke. i hope everyone in raleigh is so glad to see me that they won’t complain about having to feed me:

i also bought the car so i could drive it to georgia, but now it doesn’t look like that’s going to get to happen. we were supposed to have a harry-potter-reading lock-in at jessica_dwg‘s house, but now her whole extended family thinks they should have a reunion instead, like that’s more important:

my brother and dirty_laundry82 moved to california something-like-a-month ago. i still haven’t heard from them myself, but the parents report that they’re doing well. this left-coast magneticism-thing is getting out of hand:
already worried about christmas.

paul finally has his stuff moved in. now we are three, with music and new books and crates of foodstuffs in the kitchen we have no idea where to put, and too many cars for our parking lot. the cat proffers hesitant approval:

so far, all the mysterious cities of gold watching w/jeremy & _aurelius hasn’t resulted in me having any nostalgic inked-gel dreams about ancient incan empires, but i’m sure that’s just a matter of time. it has resulted in me using the phrase “cartoon adventure-kid problem-solving” to explain my suggestion to holly that if the windows of her new apartment were too high for us to see into them to scope it from the outside, that we should tape a mirror to a stick:

d sends/posts-to-panoramio gorgeous photos of crete where he’s on holiday w/his family, and holly and i gaze at them from armchairs in front of the fire at panera, where we’re tucked because it’s too cold to work anywhere else, but where we’re not working anyway because there’s just too much to talk about, restlessly jealous and pining for tropics, for ireland, for anywhere:

also, i’m pretty sure even though he only talks about obscure indie bands, jeph-from-qc is secretly a u2 fan. if it were just the sunglasses, i wouldn’t be so convinced marten was channeling someone specific here, but c’mon, the t-shirt? he could use a little hair-gel, though:
obviously still not working!




11 responses

22 06 2007

Congratulations! Do we get a picture?

23 06 2007

thank you! 🙂 it’s a “blue onyx” nissan versa hatchback. i’m sure the web has plenty. 🙂

22 06 2007

congrats on the car!
any hope of a b-burg trip on the way? we’re out of town july 9-13 but we have a bedroom where you can crash that’s free if you come when we’re in town!

23 06 2007

hey there!
blacksburg is exactly not on the way to raleigh. like, adds another 4-5 hours to the trip each way not. it is on the way to georgia, which is part of why i’m bummed about the georgia thing, b/c my plan was to stop in for a few days coming one direction or the other to that further-south event that now isn’t happening. so i’m still looking at options…

23 06 2007

i hope b-burg fits into your option at some point! july is hit and miss with me, depending on your schedule. i am in boston from the 20-23 and the beach 9-13. i’ll also be out of town for a few days at the end of the month, too. but, hopefully something will work out. hope you’re doing well–we should catch up soon!

22 06 2007

I was totally gonna OTP this year, but with the new job I’m not allowed to take vacation until November. Also, I have a gig in DC the night of the 29th and I have to take down the rigging on the 30th. I suppose I could come down for one day, but the visiting time to driving time ratio daunts me.

23 06 2007

i’m probably heading down on the 2nd? maybe you could cobble rides from different folks so you weren’t driving?
boo new jobs wanting you to work before you play!!!

22 06 2007

Congrats on the car- you and Steve should drag race for pinks.
What part of CA did your brother end up in?

23 06 2007

it’s really not the racing sort…
and somewhere near san diego, but i don’t even know where. how sad is that?

24 06 2007

Yeah, I hear ya. My brother has been in his new location for a month or two now and I still don’t have a mailing address. I’m lucky to talk with him every two to six months. Totally sad to not know where the brother is. Sorry bout that…
And funny you didn’t know what pinks were – haven’t you seen Grease? =)

23 06 2007

She probably doesn’t want to loose the car immediately after getting it. :-p
pinks = pink slips (title to your car)

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