who could ask for more?

25 06 2007

i could positively die of the coolness of living in my house right now. i’m at my desk in what used to be one of our two living rooms but is now something like a study-combined-with-music-room, and a couple feet from me paul’s on his full keyboard with the amp plugged in playing–and singing–a rich arrangement of “running to stand still.” out of his head. “what?” he says, when i remark on how there’s no music handy. “it’s just three chords.” “that was a lot of notes!” “well… this part?” he repeats a little high-note sequence. “that’s the riff the edge adds in the zoo-tv version. but otherwise…”

…& now it’s “one,” ad-libbing through what i think is the warchild version, and i’m somewhere between invisible and seventeen, dancing with geofrey in the stadium aisle, and there might be tears if i weren’t so giddy with embracing my good fortune.




2 responses

27 06 2007

all smiles here just listening to you write about it… I so look forward to spending some time in that new space! =) So glad happiness has found you.

28 06 2007

And soon you will have my roomie to play trombone duets with Paul! I will bust out my finger cymbals…or maybe just tapdance on the floor above… Its gonna be the best house evah.

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