the view from down here

19 07 2007

regarding harry potter, i’m not in a hurry. can’t remember half of book 6 anyway. have some re-reading to do. i’ll get to it. swipe somebody’s copy of the new one after they’ve had their chance to do it twice or whathav. but the hype… the hype is good, in that it goes to show the world’s still turning, even when we wish sometimes it wouldn’t. (of course, it’s not showing up in my inbox, just dragging me to the mall to check out the hair-dye supplies at hot topic, which everybody needs an excuse to do now and again.) i’m still in protective mode, though, & so from that angle the great hp might need a thumping. shawn, who says “don’t put my whole name up there or i’ll lose my job just for telling you this much” even though he’s dutifully shrink-wrapping the pallets of boxes he’s pulling off of trucks as a receiver at B&N & hasn’t, i promise, opened a single box or seen a single book, sent me this text on monday about their first shipment: “i’ve just been Potter-ed hardcore. 230 boxes”; later we’d laugh about our fangirl friends and bitch about the evil sharp-edged UPS truck that nicked his fingers deep enough to bleed.

& thus the marching on, the minute and the meaningless, the calendar-occurrences like boulders in the stream that give the movement of the water the shape and speed and weight that are the story.




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19 07 2007

If you haven’t gotten Tori’s new album yet, it’s really good. It’s hitting me a lot like Scarlet’s Walk, in that the first listen made me feel like it was kind of generic and tuneless. I couldn’t really hear the music in it. After the third or fourth runthrough, though, I thought it was very musical and beautiful.

19 07 2007

yeah… about half of it is completely meaningless to me so far–i bought it a month or so ago and so haven’t listened much, then, all things considered… but some of it resonates, & i’m imagining in time more & more is gonna.
mmm, tori. πŸ™‚

19 07 2007

You know HP fangirls/boys? Really? πŸ˜›

20 07 2007

Maybe the UPS truck is actually magical, and it needed some Muggle Blood for something it was cooking up. πŸ˜‰

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