the world it keeps on turning

13 09 2007

what’s cooler than cool? paulie’s in his room playing the guitar & singing in spanish.

today’s my baby brother’s 30th birthday. he thinks i don’t love him b/c i didn’t stay on the phone very long when he called me back after i called him to sing the monkey version of the birthday song to his answering machine, but he’s wrong. he also reminded me that the phone call took the same amount of time to place and cost the same amount from here to california as it did when he lived in georgia; i consider myself appropriately chastised and have resolved to call more often.

the only thing freaky about turning 30, he says, is recognizing that our parents had a six and a three year old by then, & we’re obviously not yet fully capable of taking care of ourselves; what we’d do with munchkins is beyond us. he’s unperturbed at the idea of no longer being allowed to trust himself, and says as far as he can tell he feels the same. to me, he sounds more and more like my dad every time we talk, but i haven’t mentioned that part. not quite sure how he’d take it, even if i did shout “only in the good ways!”

i am 2 minutes from getting to go to bed w/no new homework. i’m hitting the road tomorrow, hoping for reasonable traffic, planning some gadding about with ima_spoony_bard for a day or two, a little getting-work-done, and oh yeah, in case you hadn’t heard, kyneburh is getting MARRIED, which is actually the point of the trip. despite the disorganization and other lukewarm excuses from the old crew (i won’t out him here, but one of them actually pled cowardice; something about the end of the world unsettles him, i guess?), i’ve got myself a hot date; despite the soreness that still clings to weddings from a number of sources right now (the last one i saw was shawn & lynette’s on video), i’m glad to get to go, happy for her, looking forward to movement & the not-quite-too-many-hours to be alone in my head on the highway.




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14 09 2007

i miss you
i think our generation has a different idea about kids than our parent’s generation. we all grew up with messed up families or our friend’s messed up families and have this idea that parenting is HARD. our parents generation mostly grew up in the 60’s with an idea that “go with the flow” was acceptable for kids….they were less afraid of having kids. and some of them did really well.

15 09 2007

oh, my parents did a bang-up job. they totally flunk in the family unity department, but i can’t think of a group of 4 ppl with less in common who like each other–not just love each other, although there’s that in there too, but really like each other more.
& i agree w/you about that attitude-as-a-determinant thing. having watched a lot of people start the process in the last 10 years, it seems so clear to me that the happiest, brightest kids i know are in the families whose parents treat childrearing as a happy, bright occasion: if they think it’s fun, and they treat their kids as likeable people, whadda-ya-know they tend to raise likeable, fun-finding people. neuroticism is so contagious, and the 80s loved only money and neon more. 🙂

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