seattle visit, part 2, after the futon & the comic books…

11 08 2008

deity_inc had to work all day on wednesday–“all day” meaning from about 2 in the afternoon ‘til what could have dragged into 2 in the morning if i hadn’t been there as a handy excuse to have to head out close to midnight, so i spent the day wandering the market (and more market–lunch was a fresh peach half as big as my head and a free sample of smoked salmon) and the streets (pioneer square, one city cross-street or another, elusive famous mountain) taking pictures, browsing bookstores, writing postcards, walking my feet numb, and, of course, drinking coffee. there’s a lot of coffee in seattle, as one might expect, and a lot of it actually isn’t starbucks, but a lot of it is. a lot. pretty much anywhere there might have been an empty space before, there’s coffee, and often it’s starbucks. this was by far my favorite “starbucks is like kudzu” example. if there’s a bit of ground to cover, that stuff will grow. & i took this picture just for sangeethadevi & ccangels & any other closet fans out there i might not know about:

‘round 8 i re-appeared at the triple door, where some kindly sommelier i happen to know had left me a reserve ticket to see ottmar liebert & luna negra–the above is a picture i took of the stage; this one is by the artist. he’s fabulous, by the way; meandery melodic upbeat water-on-stones spanish guitar music that, if i hadn’t already come somewhere close to finishing the darn thing, i’d buy to write my dissertation to. because i was a solo attendee, and it’s a tight-seating arrangement, i was paired with another solitary diner-slash-listener, an enthusiastic fangirl whose name i wasn’t quick enough to hold onto (it was something very like Sherry, so we’ll call her that) who was a longtime fan of the musician, loved everything about the venue, and kept me thoroughly entertained with interested and interesting conversation about spanish guitar, 80s childhoods, the seattle area, going to concerts alone, & whatever else came up throughout the evening. when my mysterious suited-and-wired MIB came by to check in on me and replaced her first lemondrop with another without her even noticing, she decided he was the coolest thing since sliced bread and i must be too by association. thanks to the peaches, the salmon, and the coffee, i wasn’t hungry despite the restaurant’s impressive menu, & told deity_inc so when he came by, to which i earned a reply paraphrase-able as “nonsense”; later he wandered by smooth as silk and handed me an unidentified glass of something dark and sweet (which turned out to be a ten-year-old madeira) and said “it’ll go well with dessert” as his only explanation. raised eyebrows were all he got from me for that—and for the ridiculously decadent chocolate whatever-it-was that appeared shortly thereafter, because i had to keep impressing Sherry (she and i had become such fast friends that i spent the first half of the show nibbling on her ahi bruschetta and she spent the second half helping me with the chocolate thing—we figured we’d been seated as dates, so we might as well act the part!). later, of course, when the showing off was over, i thanked him profusely. repeatedly. a lot. afterwards i met up with him outside—the band upstairs in the “musiquarium” was just too loud for me to wait by the fishies as i’d been told to do—and got a fast behind the scenes tour of the business end of the restaurant(s) (scary, scary service elevator) before we headed back to his place for studying, movie-watching, gabe-abuse, and of course more wine-sampling (jalapeno?!?).

thursday was characterized by a lot of sleeping-in—the rockstar life can do that to ya—some more coffee and postcards, lunch at a really tasty beergarden where in addition to the lunch foods of uber-deliciousness, several drink-able beer-related beverages appeared on the table—who am i again? after beer, a little bit of car-bound tourism in fremont (lookie!) and then a nice, sunny soccer match where i hung out in the stands with an ipod reliving my childhood and watching deity_inc unsurprisingly own the field & everybody on it—gracia’s rendition of “prince igor” made a particularly fitting score. after that we went down to the sound, climbed on the rocks a bit, watched from a safe distance as goofy young people sang tuneless pirate songs loudly by huge bonfires, & then went to ray’s to listen to the wine-travels stories of one of their wine-gurus, sample some more grapey goodness (he’ll be appalled), and watch the sunset disappear under purple-grey cloud-tufts reflected in the water:

after that, a little more wine with gabriel, lots more studying with markers that i missed most of (all of which paid off, btw—word came in saturday that he’d passed!), and an earnest attempt at watching the mummy–i failed miserably and had to be sent to bed early, at something like just three seattle-time, which is just six in the morning my-time, long before my host called it a day. & then friday was just long enough for a pop in to his favorite coffee-shop, whose proprietress is a british browncoat—now i understand—before heading to the airport to send me back from whence i came.

there. one story told. many to go. i so deserved mothra. climb on.




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11 08 2008

this is soooooo my city. You got great weather and your friends know all the right places to take a guest. The photo gallery was a delight. Loverly.

11 08 2008

this is soooooo my city. You got great weather and your friends know all the right places to take a guest. The photo gallery was a delight. Loverly.

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