& then the long, long road back home

22 08 2008

yesterday’s entry marks the end of the photo-essay, ostensibly because we were way too busy hauling ass (louisiana, mississippi, georgia, tennessee, virginia, west virginia, maryland, pennsylvania, new york) to see anything on the road home worth photographing anyway, although that’s not entirely true—but when the rainbows that rocked my little world appeared, as we pulled into the mountain-country of southern virginia, like a technicolor interpretation of an angelic choir to call me home—the twisting highway wasn’t really stop-on-able, the rain on the window glass not clear-shots-through-able, and although we drove through the sun-bright trees cut-out against the charcoal sky beneath their concentric bows for at least an hour, by the time we hit a rest stop with a view in the right direction, they had faded almost all the way away. still. photographic record or not, i got the message. (among other highlights: leaving new orleans, still on I-10 but heading east this time, means different bridges, in this case the katrina-shattered twin span bridge, which used to be two bridges, but they used the pieces they had left to patch back together one to run traffic on while they build two new ones—twice as far above the water this time. driving and driving and driving into the blue with only water underneath is cool, & watching the cranes and barges build new bridge-parts, dropping huge concrete chunks of road onto these thin-looking poles poking up from who-knows-how-deep in the water is cooler still!)

we (and by “we” i mostly mean “he,” because although i willingly drove every time he actually wanted to be not driving, i didn’t do much driving) did it in two days—there were threats of aiming for one, but dark fell while we were still just an hour or two into virginia, at least ten away from syracuse, and there’s ridiculous and then there’s ridiculous–so we crashed in c-burg (and no, i didn’t call anyone to say hello, because we were exhausted and useless anyway and had to get up early, and we didn’t come up the road into actual b-burg anyway), ordered a pizza (having literally exhausted the road food—what we hadn’t eaten had started going a bit fuzzy), and ate it sprawled across hotel beds watching a food network special zeroing in on the geographies we’d only just left behind & thus extending our immersion just a little longer: the rivershack tavern, where the best show-highlighted recipes aren’t on the website (but the turtle soup is). in the morning i snuck off into the brambles behind the parking lot to augment my hotel breakfast with just one rainy blackberry—had to let them know that i was there—and then we flung ourselves northward with all the momentum we could muster, barely making it before the sleepy and cranky and tired of cars took us over.

and then the packing and the moving and the heartbreaks and hand-breaks and babysnuggles and visiting with neighbors and popping up to faire and chasing more rainbows and dinner-slash-sangria parties upstairs and otherwise cramming a suddenly-ending summer into a couple of frantic weeks, & voila: school, which is completely freaking me out right now, starts monday, so that’s summer wrapped & fall arriving. & yes, i know it’s still august, but no, i’m not being reductionist about school = fall, i live in the northcountry. look:




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