grape nuts, bergamot, & meerkats

28 08 2008

my caz class was canceled altogether last week, and i was disappointed at first–i was counting on the income from that one compensating for all the money i’m losing to gas and tolls (and projected snow-caused car-repairs) getting to and from the other four! but it’s looking like that’s probably for the best after all, because the other four? they’re going to take all of my waking hours and probably most of the hours i’d planned to use for sleeping.

my students, so far, are awesome, & i have learned somewhere around 90 names so far, which would be all of them if they would stop switching their schedules around and just sit still. a couple of them were, on day 2, starting to act a little hide-the-cell-phone-when-i-walk-by shady, so i need to be a little more of a bitch–you try to be nice to the shy ones, because writing is scary and they’ve all had traumatic experiences, and somebody‘s always gotta push it & ask to meet the bitch–but never, when asking in a diagnostic writing-prompt question, about their experiences with writing to date, have i ever gotten so little complaining and so many people alluding to important letters or papers they’ve written, the forums they post to nightly, or to the songs, poems, short stories, games, and novels they compose in their free time.

the electronic course interface that the school uses, though (its version of blackboard) isn’t available for everyone yet–they’re still implementing it gradually, and right now you have to request an online presence for a course a semester ahead of time, which, since i was just hired, wasn’t an option, & the webmail they use is a demonic domino-lotus timesuck where nothing works as a batch operation, everything you want to do involves opening three new screens, & my students are getting error messages for trying to send me their homework like i asked them to.

i’m not *quite* ready to bail, go back on what i told them, & just say “nevermind, we’re doing it all through gmail,” but i get a little closer every day (& it’s been 5 or 6 days since i started arguing w/the technology, not just the 2 i’ve been in the actual classes). i’ve spent a few hours this morning sorting through and responding to the six or seven students who tried to follow the directions–yes, hours, see the problem?–& i’m going to have to cut myself off for a while if i’m ever going to get anything else done at all, like finishing the laundry, and, oh, right, finishing the source-connecting project on my desk so i can re-send my dissertation chapters off since labor day at this school is actually a holiday & so i only have one more class until next wednesday–i might actually have time to get the writing done before the job takes over utterly!

morning, with greyish skies and just-cool-enough temperatures to chill my bare feet and make fall seem probable (red leaves in the lowlands on the way across the state each morning) has been made much more pleasant with a little hot grapenuts (& some super-yogurt!) and a mug of isaac’s earl grey, a fortunately soothing influence which has done wonders for my ability to not smash this poor machine, who is not to blame. most of my future teacher-commentary, for those of you who are interested, will be posted over at compositionism, for the sake of those of you who don’t much care and also b/c some folks over there are lots interested, or at least they’ve said they are! if you’re a teacher-person yourself (sometimerose, madyonk, claire-bear, robotapocalypse…) you might check it out and/or join up.

if you’re wholly uninterested in those conversations altogether and just need a little cute to make your thursday brighter, have these meerkats, which saint213 and i found by way of a conversation about joe and beau biden (it made sense at the time, i promise). remember, as the image’s home-site asserts:

“At any given moment, somewhere in the world, meerkats are snuggling.”




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