it’s back

8 12 2008

that cold, wet eyelash feeling that lingers even after you peel off all the snowy layers to go put the kettle on: lingers because the ice caught between them is still thawing, that is.

but the driveway is shoveled, so i can get out to get to work (just tutoring hours today, and i’m trying not to be resentful about how 4 hours of tutoring, plus driving slower than usual because of the snow, plus shoveling, plus putting gas in the car that i wouldn’t have to put in it if i weren’t going to utica turns agreeing to 4 hours of tutoring into 8 hours of not making any progress in this pile of work), and now i have a benchmark: it takes about an hour, for 6-ish inches of snow so fluffy that when you scoop a shovel-full off of your car to heave over to the fence, the bits that fly up (and there are a lot of them) are still six-sided glinty marvels, un-trampled by the collective weight of their fellows (it helps to go out at 7, before the sun has had a chance to try press them down, although at these temperatures, i imagine he’s out there jumping on it like the snow’s a stubbornly overstuffed suitcase, trying to make a difference).

but now: 2 whole hours until i have to leave, which means in addition to the shower and doing something about making food to take with me for the day, i might be able to get at least a couple papers done! kettle’s hissing (the whistle’s long since bit the dust) & i’m back to it.

happy impending-winters, southerners–if y’all want some of this, come on & get it!




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