it was snowing, and it was going to snow

10 01 2009

there’s an inch of fluff on top of what i shoveled yesterday–a good 8-10 inches from the front door all the way around the sidewalk & the driveway street to cars (parked in what would be our backyard if we had one)–but it’s at least 4 deep out there anyway, as i could only get down to the layer of ice one of the upstairs roommates had packed down by driving over it before, and i’m afraid if i try to take my car out anywhere, i’ll just wind up spinning in her ruts–good reason, i say, not to even bother digging. it may be months before we see the ground itself, but they’re calling for another 7 tonight, starting sometime in the afternoon & gaining speed, and the air now is still and heavy, the sky a thick blanket of sodden wool that you’d drown beneath, unable to lift it with its water-weight, just waiting.

it’s good to get to say “at least i’m inside where it’s warm,” but that’s a relative truth rather than actual. the heater’s running almost constantly and the windows have been plasticked-over for months, i have layers on and thick knit socks and half-gloves and a turtle-fur around my neck, i logged 10 (somewhat lazy) miles on the new christmas exercise bike this morning, i’ve had a steamy shower, and the tea-mug in my hands is too hot to hold steadily without burning my hands, but all of the missing degrees out there (it’s at 15 or so) are sucking on the house with a constant, greedy pull, and i’m still cold.

normal people would probably just give up and go back to bed. but there are all of these things i mean to do before the roommates started to return tomorrow… if only i can find a crumb or two of focus lying around here somewhere…

this really doens’t count as “writing,” does it? >sigh<
note to self…




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