the cuteness kinda kills

25 04 2009

i’m grading portfolios, and portfolios, for my students, are a collection of all of their informal stuff for the semester: homework assignments, class notes, workshop questions-and-answers, brainstorming, visual idea clusters, etc., etc., etc. this means the doodling they do in class while taking notes and listening to me talk also comes home to me in their portfolios, and sometimes it presents me with a glimpse of myself from the other side of the great divide.

J, in my 4pm class, finds me funny, & has all semester. he’s the one i told i would immortalize on Facebook (but then forgot to) when he told C (different C), who had just asked a deliberately dumb question to which i’d flown back with a technically cumbersome and correct quick answer, “whoah–you just got smacked with some Englishnometry.”

apparently, like i remember doing myself in school, J also decided to record some of his amusement for posterity. on the back of a page of notes alongside a doodle of a horse, some spiral threads up a margin, and a sketch of a rock and a ruler named after himself and me telling each other, respectively, “you rule” and “you rock,” i found this little gem:

I know that when
I talk to you,
some of what I say
goes in –> [sketch of a face w/one big ear here]
some of what I say
hits & bounces
off & lands on the

i think, as recorded observations go (and could go)… i’m okay with this.




2 responses

26 04 2009

Lol, I guess you made a mark.

26 04 2009

Lol, I guess you made a mark.

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