the weekend and i ran away with each other

23 09 2009

it started with friday night’s wine-and-cheese party at matt and jenn’s, which evolved into matt making elaborate dinner for six people and then us stuffing our faces with internationally-origined wines and cheeses, which then evolved into chad bringing over his absinthe & coaching jenn in proper sugar-soaking techniques, which then evolved into matt getting out his guitar and leading us in a delightfully warm, friendly, full-bellied singalong of simon & garfunkle tunes, & the beatles, & counting crows, which then evolved into marillion videos & swapping best-concert-ever and that-time-i-met-that-rock-star stories, and then somehow it was late at night and everybody was heading home happy.

then it was helped along by saturday morning dawning sunny and cool and crisp and cheerful and with me knowing that the papers were due to start coming in on monday, so it was the last weekend… and a sunny, cool, crisp, cheerful one at that. i finished up a little last-minute work and made with the plan-centric texting, and by mid-day had Shawn & appelachienne in the car headed for the hills–literally the hills out where rts. 20 and 80 intersect, because we thought we might brave Beak & Skiff to go pick apples. the place turned out to be overrun to the point of insanity, so we got snacks, gawked at the small children, took a handful of goofy photographs, and drove back up 20 a ways to o’neill’s, where there are smaller crowds, shorter lines for fritters, and raspberries galore, and then we picked our combined weight in berries and apples–gingergolds, honeycrisps, macs, and a few purloined empires from yet-roped-off trees–although a lot of that weight failed to make it to the checkout stand because it was already hidden away in bellies.

apples: SyrFall09
saturday afternoon was going to involve baking, but then it turned into requiring naps instead, and after that Shawn & i ordered pizza and watched a little tv, and then Jill called looking for company, and thus there was monster-gaming with John and the final, necessary, group-participation-requiring partaking of gummi foot (which, to abuse the language in my students’ favorite way, is so gross, but the precedent had been set and follow-through was required and Shawn did draw the card). so then baking–apple-raspberry pies–happened sunday instead, alongside crepe-making experiments and the wedging of all of the rest of the raspberries into said crepes, so i was stuffed silly again before i finally settled down to get a little bit more last-minute pre-emptive work done before officially abandoning my post and playing hooky with monday’s class because there happened to be the little matter of some concert tickets purchased 6 or 8 months ago for a show in a town 5+ hours away to attend to in the morning.

monday–still weekend according to me–i packed the car, road-tripped solo to the outskirts of boston, met Paul at a train station with a name i’ve already forgotten, and drove us to gillette stadium to see u2 play another completely, utterly, there’s-not-enough-language-to-describe-the awesome 360º show. i will spare you the fangirl squee, because i know how much y’all care, but i was able to take a camera this time, and our seats were amazing, and for not having a real zoom on that wee gadget and it being all night-time and dark and things moving around a lot, like they do, i got some really amazing shots. i’m delighted with myself about how well that worked (especially since i took most of them from around chest-height because i didn’t want to be behind the lens and miss a microsecond). it was also the last night snow patrol was on the tour, and they also played a really terrific set–i was bummed to mostly-miss them in milan, and psyched to have planned right this time to be there for it, and found my anticipation thoroughly warranted. plus, gary could totally not make it through dedicating “run” to the band and the crew without crying, and i was so charmed that almost hurt. they led with one of my new favorite songs, and u2 didn’t, changing their setlist for this show to start with a different track, include a few things from way back in my early-obsession days, and demonstrate that that mess they were making of “crazy tonight” in italy was going somewhere really cool, it just wasn’t there yet. the pictures are in the boston set–did i miss writing about spending that random weekend in boston?–start here and flip forward to see all the shiny (unless you’re matt and you don’t want spoilers for this weekend’s new york show… ok just maybe just one…)

From Boston_Gloucester_Salem

and then, because our otherwise plans, which had started out vague anyway, had disintegrated, Paul & i spent 2 hours getting out of the most expensive AND most poorly-designed stadium parking lot in the world (it only takes 10 minutes to play the set-list game and then start to search around for new distractions), and then 5 driving home, pulling in around sun-up to throw our bags on the floor and fall immediately, gratefully, painfully over, muttering around the glee about how we’re not 20 anymore. i made it to 2/3 of work tuesday, having already promised coworker Drew cookies if he’d cover my first class, because there was no possible plan on the table that was going to get me an hour back the way we’d come by 10am–as-was, i slept through my alarm and had to race, shitty wipers on blurry glass, to get there by 1 and drag myself through the day caffeinated and vibrating-like-a-hangover from the sleep dep and dehydrated driving and the simple aftermath of all of that euphoria, but the buzz lasted right on through. it’s still here. i’m exhausted, grading is in (virtual) piles all around me, i had conferences all day today and i’m teaching all day tomorrow and i start a new tutoring gig on friday and just writing that list makes me so tired it’s hard to see straight, but wow. how’s that for sucking the marrow, bit-chez?




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26 09 2009

but the pie was super tasty! =)

26 09 2009

but the pie was super tasty! =)

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