why i love my students TODAY (ah, nerd-doms…)

6 10 2009

my 2pm class is workshopping each others’ drafts, everybody busily reading, discussing, and commenting on the papers other students have written. when they finish a round of this, and i tell them to trade off to one last new reader and do it one more time, Ch, in the back of the room, who is unfailingly good-natured and just likes to be an occasional pest for the fun of being an occasional pest, says, loudly enough to be heard, “this is the busiest busywork ever.”

now, you can cuss in my room if you want to, but you don’t go calling the activities i bust my butt to make valid and worth your every minute “busywork,” at least not without pissing me off or breaking my heart one. Ch knows this–and so do the rest of his classmates. as he makes the comment, my back is to him, because i’m writing an instruction on the board. predictably riled, i turn around menacingly and say “what?!?

J and S shake their heads at me for responding at all, and in harmonic unison, say (slowly and with what is obviously practiced emphasis) “don’t feed the troll!




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7 10 2009


7 10 2009


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