down in the jungle room?

19 10 2009

evangelysta has left her plants in my living room, and it is awesome. it’s like a dream come true: my space is full of plant life, those amazing, perfect, sun-through-leaf-greens in my windows, and she comes over every week to check in on and take care of them, which means that i am not responsible for trying to keep them alive, a task i am notoriously ill-suited for. apparently, her bf is allergic to some random houseplant soil-fungus, so they had to move out. my sadness for her having to live without them is eclipsed by my delight in having all these new, frondy roommates who sit quietly, never stomp around the house or blare weird, discordant music, and spend their free time making me oxygen.

in less fun news, Dexter’s housemates (i.e. Shawn & cat-Matthew) are at the vet’s this morning b/c Matthew has decided to stop eating altogether. we dismissed this as hating-the-kitten for a while, but it’s been almost a week, so it’s time to investigate more invasively. send the good cat vibes out thataway, if you’ve got any lying around… that jungle NEEDS its surly, black, puffball of a panther glaring from the high tree-limb of the sofa-back.

the subject line is marc cohn singing about memphis (do i really have to spell that out? there was a time i would have already known that everybody knew, but it does go ever-ever on sometimes), a nod not just to houseplants and panthers but to the bit of a nostalgia trip i’ve been on lately, first initiated by runemystic popping a bunch of dak-days photos up on Fb (of, among other things, dear kiffer and that surly puffball hair) and carried on by my efforts to wrap up a mix-cd project that will probably culminate a collection: i’ve counted, & over a 15 year spread, counting the first that was actually a cassette-tape, this will make nine compilations sent to almost as many addresses but the same destination. what’s your record for most music-dedications handed off to a single person? (i suppose, technically, aaric would get the trump, since this one time we decided to flesh out his music library by just batch-copying most of my mp3s straight from hard-drive to hard-drive.) i’m toying with titling this last disc “that’s okay, pluto, i’m not a planet either.”




2 responses

24 10 2009

yes, i’d be utterly without music if not for your loving care… from my first mix-anything through my birthday this year. *kisses*

24 10 2009

yes, i’d be utterly without music if not for your loving care… from my first mix-anything through my birthday this year. *kisses*

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