unreasonable expectations much?

6 11 2009

i’ve developed a bad habit of thinking of weekends, especially those during which my roommates vacate and leave me the WHOLE HOUSE TO MYSELF, as magical catch-all time in which anything and everything can get done, kind of like those magical video-game pockets that could carry whole suits of armour and fifteen different choices of staves and swords. this weekend, for example, i’ve been telling myself i can finish all of the grading i’ve got piled up from my students’ most recent assignment, plus the old presentation evaluations i have lying around that i’ve been putting off for weeks, plus creating a new calendar to replace the one i gave out last week before i got an announcement about a department-wide curriculum change, plus actually planning what i’m going to teach next week.

those things i might be able to accomplish, if they existed in isolation. but when put into the same block of time as a 2-year-old’s birthday party tomorrow (for which i still need to buy a present), dry-cleaning i need to drop off, the many loads of laundry i need to do in order to get the new flannel sheets onto the bed and clean underwear into my drawer, the package i need to get prepped and to the post office, the birthday movie-watching with another friend that’s been proposed (by me), the long overdue cleaning-of-my-room i keep promising myself, and the 2 house project of putting up window-plastic on all the windows in my and Shawn’s apartments (we said we’d help each other) in honor of how our first good bout of lake effect snow is happening RIGHT NOW and my roommates are all leaving town for a conference and will not be around to assist (somehow this becomes my job, and only my job, every year…)… the likelihood of successfully meeting any of these commitments, let alone all of them, starts to slide away. rapidly. i’ve gotten 2 papers done this morning over tea, and now i’m off to meet with a tutoring client, to the merry sound of holly’s laptop blaring the carpenters singing christmas music (which, disturbingly whitebread-retro-cheerful as that is, fits the visual of the snow skirling past the windows quite aptly…)

i just need a week to play catch up. just one. anybody got any spares?




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