small flags planted in the name of being virtuous

18 11 2009

so far today, i have:
ridden 10 miles on the exercise bike (with practically no resistance, but the idea was to get over inactivity by way of being active, not by causing pain)
made breakfast and washed my dang dishes (hoping to lead by example)
baked the butternut squash that has been on the counter for weeks
“adapted” the recipe i found with the ingredients i had around so that it’s totally not the squash the internet thought it was going to be
corresponded with a few students about their in-process work
solidified plans for tonight and tomorrow
registered for spring “classes” so that my enrollment status will continue to add pointless length to my transcript while my dissertation languishes in folks’ overstuffed inboxes
helped a friend think through some problem-solving steps
congratulated another friend on a job well done
started my christmas shopping
graded one paper

that last item is a bit of a problem; it was supposed to be “graded 9 papers” by 6pm, which, since “taken a shower” isn’t on there yet either, is highly unlikely to transpire. still, any progress is still progress, right? so, yo, grindstone, get over here! i’ve got a smooth, yet-un-chafed nose here for ya!




2 responses

18 11 2009

butternut squash is SO good.
one of my favorite things to do with just about any winter squash, is to peel and cube it, then roast the cubes (or some of them depending on how large the squash is) with olive oil, pine nuts, fresh herbs and pepper slices, and then toss with linguini and goat cheese. fresh garlic can also be added if you feel like it. 🙂

18 11 2009

You have no idea how long it’s been since I heard someone “say” the word dang. Too cute:) Mmmmm…squash!

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