why i’m never going to graduate to “real job”

14 12 2009

bossperson 1: “do x.”
me: “ok”
bossperson 1: “oh, and also (not instead) implement all of bossperson 2’s instructions, which ought to be easy enough.”
me: “ok”
bossperson 2: “undo x.”
me to bossperson 1: “um. ??”
bossperson 1: “………”




7 responses

14 12 2009

Me: Stabbity stab stab stab

14 12 2009

names and addresses can be provided, if that’s an offer!

14 12 2009

See if you can get em to visit the Mall of America for Christmas. I hate to have to buy a plane ticket just for the pleasure of killing someone for a friend:)

14 12 2009

i think they have to be working together, doing stuff like on purpose. ‘let’s see what we make her do next! brrr a ha ha ha ha ha1!’

14 12 2009

i’d start answering to “job,”
except i don’t want to encourage either party in the proliferation of an already unwieldy god-complex.

14 12 2009

Isn’t the normal Bossperson 1 response “Yes, well, you should know how to manage around that.”

14 12 2009

To: bossperson1
CC: bossperson2
Dear bossperson1,
You have instructed me to do x. bossperson2 has instructed me to undo x. How do you wish me to proceed?
p.s. In the absence of clear guidance, my default response will be to execute “halt and catch fire.”

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