i’m having one of those days

15 12 2009

in which i’m mainly tempted to blog because i don’t want to do anything else on my towering list, but i know if i do, all i’ll end up doing IN said blog is complaining and making excuses about not doing the work and not having upbeat, sparkling, thought-provoking things to say instead of complaining.

i could list the things that have contributed to this morning’s case of the verymads, but listing them wouldn’t erase them or cure the surliness they’ve inspired, so i’ll spare you. send good vibes and transcendent images, or at least pictures of kittens. clearly, i have wandered off the path and need guidance to get back to my happy place.




3 responses

15 12 2009

The baby porcupines are my go-to pick-me-up.

15 12 2009

Love you. Why? Not sure. Cuteness maybe. Smarts. Talent. I dunno. Perhaps just because you deserve being loved.
Oh yea, the path you want is right over there behind the big tree. Stop lookin at the forest.

16 12 2009

oh, THAT tree. the one by the adorable porcupines! of course! 🙂

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