deep in the (frozen) heart of

9 01 2010

i honestly have no gauge for the rest of the country about that title: does anybody hear the twangy song & finish the line as soon as they read it? because everybody in this room would do it unthinkingly. hi from austin, where it’s a shocking 20-some degrees outside–sunny, and the air still, always, smells of pecan-sugar and air-plants and a vague fertilizer-dryness. i’ve got robotapocalypse‘s wireless router plugged in to let access the universe beyond this cozy-curtained living room of my grandmother’s tiny house which i love and would love to keep forever.

i don’t know what the week will hold beyond a week-long extrapolation of the deep philosophizing about ethics and psychology and education and football that’s going on over coffee and the newspapers this morning, and it doesn’t much matter, because i’m home, in a place where quarterbacks actually have names like “colt mccoy” and that matters to people, where even the cold air smells warm, where i will endeavor not to go a day without salsa, where pin-oak leaves litter the walks and everybody’s got a dog story and one about politics that somehow have to do with one another. it’s nice here. i’m happy. strangers smile when you walk past them, pay them for minding the parking-booth, walk into the checkout line, whatever.

a woman i’ve never seen before in my life walked up to me in the austin airport, as i was re-packing some of my things for more easy post-plane walking. “i don’t know where you stand on this sort of thing,” she said, “but i like to tell people–it’s kind of like a beautiful sunset, and how you want to make sure other people see it. you just seem to have have a really sweet spirit. it reminds me of jesus, you know, because he was like that. i don’t know where you stand on that sort of thing, but i wanted you to know.” “i stand complimented,” i said, and thanked her, grinning, before going off to find my daddy, who, after my most recent (awful) haircut, has hair as long as mine, looks more like my long-haired rock-star brother than i’ve ever seen him, and can talk… you don’t know from talking ’til you’ve spent some time with my folk down in texas.

so whenever y’all wanna come down and see this foreign land, just let me know.




3 responses

9 01 2010

i would like to visit austin at some point. i understand it’s weird. and you know how i feel about weird. 🙂
but it would be oodles more fun with you there.
also the “frozen” part threw me. i didn’t even catch the song reference til you said something. but if someone said merely, “deep in the heart of” without interference? i hear it in my head and feel an urge to clap. i grew up with disney records full of patriotic songs.

9 01 2010

Welcome home. Made a little homecoming pressie for ya.

10 01 2010

i don’t think i would survive in Texas. Glad you’re around good people.

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