Patrick says (food for think-outside-your-boxes)

25 01 2010

“this is what the world needs: people with brains in the responsible positions – all nerds into politics!”

which makes me wonder, really: why aren’t any of our nerds into politics? it’s not because they’re all like me, terrified of looking the rationales of most decision-makers in the eye and realizing just how self-serving, self-important, & downright scary they really are; most of the folks across my friends-circles take any chance they can get to remind me that my pollyanna mindset about how things oughta be is immature & ridiculous, because they think it’s stuff one should look at and rant about and understand. and i don’t think it’s probably still because of the reasons we bandied about at seventeen, when we were certain there was no point in even finishing reading the power game when we were assigned to, because nothing ever changed in washington. we’ve lived long enough now to see change, and to at least know of people who’ve been involved in little pieces of it.

i know why i stay out of it–i can’t even watch the news without having suicidal feelings and wondering if the kindest thing someone might do for all of us and the rock we spin on is to wipe the race out altogether. (and i really do believe that i’m using my gifts exactly as i ought to be, for my students’ sake and my own.) but all the rest of y’all who think i’m crazy anyway, who do understand the mess of how those infernal systems operate… how come none of us are in it? are we just too young yet? is that going to be a second-career inclination down the road somewhere? are we just too short on lawyers?




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25 01 2010

Mr. Obama’s a nerd dear:)

25 01 2010

yes, i know, but we can’t expect him to sail the whole ship by himself (and people are already pissed off about how he’s trying). we need nerd-density, not just a token nerd!

25 01 2010

Well, there’s Summers and Geithner, and a host of others in the pocket protector brigade… but I get your point:)

25 01 2010

I had a social psych professor who used to rant all the time about how politicians constantly ignore and dismiss research, when it should be the only thing guiding public policy. He seemed to have no intentions of doing anything but rant at college kids about it, though.

27 01 2010

can’t speak for everyone but
Education is an optimistic enterprise, politics is a realist, or at best pragmatic tack.
Nerds hate compromising and politics demands it.
Nerds like to tell people what they see, not what others want to hear.

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