the cute, it… yeah. by now, you know what it does

3 03 2010

10am class class, it’s going on noon; they’re almost done for the day, and they and i are both a little tired of it, whatever “it” is (not a good place to be at the end of only the first of 3 sections, really). back row/cluster again (i might see a theme coming on). i’m collecting punctuation worksheets of some kind, something they’ve struggled with and (the good ones have) subjected to a few rounds of do-overs already. as W hands me his paper, he says “Rrrrr.” “Rrrrr,” i agree, accepting the paper and moving to collect those being waved by the guys on the left-hand side of the back row next. behind me, i hear Z say “dude, you just growled at the teacher.”

i grin at Z over my shoulder, happy again, equilibrium restored for another day. i would have no classroom authority whatsoever if they really paid attention to how easily they have me eating out of the palms of their donut-sticky text-cramped hands.




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