heart = warm & fuzzy (just like my feverish head)

17 04 2010

Tyra, […] I also wanted to apologize for falling behind on the class work. I am getting piled with homework from my other classes as well. I know that this is no excuse, but I felt it necessary to explain myself because I feel I am letting you down. You are really the first teacher who has ever helped me on my writing. Thank you for putting in the time for me.




One response

17 04 2010

Atta girl. I had a teacher like you once. Only once. That was 42 years ago. I still remember him, unlike 99% of my other teachers. And I still know that it was by his encouragement that I am able to write as well as I do today. Of course, you’ll have to gauge whether that means he did a good job or not lol.
Be proud lass. If it didn’t sound absurd I’d say I’m proud of ya.

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