maybe not his comma ability, but still (etc.)

2 05 2010


Thank you for giving me the extension. I feel that it really helped me make decisions about how I wanted to approach my paper with the information that I had. Also wanted to thank you for this year, your teaching has really increased my writing ability and has made me confident with academic writing.


Thanks for a great class that killed most of my weekends with work. Useful but plentiful work. Once again Thank you n have a great summer.


Dear Tyra,

I am sorry the paper is an hour late. My plan was to turn it in this morning but I had a little trouble because the internet in the hotel has been rocky and we were trying to get ready for the wedding because it was today. We just got back after getting lost because Georgia’s highways really suck and we actually made our way into another county. I’m very sorry and I hope you still grade this. I hope I did well enough to make it through your class. It was nice having you as a professor and our class was always fun.



^^guy dancing. enjoy your summer =)




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