honey, i shrunk the cat

13 08 2010

here’s what we did this week: reduced piddy-the-cat to back to the micro-kitten size at which he first arrived, & built him a tiny litter box in an amazon single-paperback cardboard container & set him up next to my crocs for size–and y’all know i have small feet!

okay, that’s a lie. we got a kitten. (sorry for the lack of notice, appalachienne. it was a bit impulsive… unlike your last tenants, though, we’ll stop at the one, i swear!) she just happens to look enough like piddy’s baby pictures that it’s a little scary. the black on her face wraps a little farther down. she’s got a three-hair-thick blaze, whereas he doesn’t have one at all. and her bow tie is crooked, whereas his is on perfectly straight. but if my scanner were behaving you’d totally believe that they were at least of a litter. i still think the camera fails to show how wee she is, scale objects notwithstanding. when she stands in the middle of a room, she looks much more like a cat-shaped mouse than a real-live feline of any variety.

this is picabo, & if you can’t figure out how to pronounce that, you’ve forgotten your late-90s olympic heroines. the vet’s best guess is that she’s not-quite-4 weeks old, but she’s chewing mushy kitten-chow with tiny needle-teeth & lapping up reconstituted replacement-milk to supplement her nutrients, & she’s been deemed problematic virus and normal-kitten-respiratory infection free, so she’s moving in, one tiny, wobbly, exploratory step around the apartment at a time.

so far, mr. pids is practicing his best ignore-ignore, although he wanders by periodically to sniff disdainfully at her while she sleeps. she seems to be too tiny to even bother to hiss at; the one time they met in the hall when she was awake, he merely looked at her, glared at me, and stalked outside to sulk on the porch with a swagger that would have amounted to eye-rolling if he were a teenager (or a 2-and-a-half-year-old).




One response

13 08 2010

Picabo Street is a great namesake! I hope she doesn’t develop a skiing habit, though. That could be rough on your horizonatal objects.

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